County Commission

The Morgan County Commission is the Legislative Body for Morgan County, Tennessee.

The Morgan County Commission is made up of eighteen (18) Commissioners representing six (6) Commission Districts in Morgan County.

Commission Agenda
Commission Minutes

Important Info

Office Location:
Morgan County Courthouse
415 N. Kingston St.
Wartburg, TN 37887

Contact Information:
Phone: (423) 346-6288

County Commissioners

1st District Commissioners Serving Coalfield

Steve Walls
Steve WallsCounty Commissioner, 1st District
Phone: (865) 435-7134
Randy Roberts
Randy Roberts County Commissioner, 1st District
Phone: (865) 748-7244
Terry Jackson
Terry JacksonCounty Commissioner, 1st District
Phone: (865) 591-4021

2nd District Commissioners Serving Oakdale

Earl Headrick
Earl HeadrickCounty Commissioner, 2nd District
Phone: (865) 803-2739
Vera Scarbough
Vera ScarboughCounty Commissioner, 2nd District
Fred Snow
Fred SnowCounty Commissioner, 2nd District
Phone: (423) 369-2601

3rd District Commissioners Serving Wartburg

David Hennessee
David HennesseeCounty Commissioner, 3rd District
Bill Shannon
Bill ShannonCounty Commissioner, 3rd District
Vernon Justes
Vernon JustesCounty Commissioner, 3rd District
Phone: (423) 319-6173

4th District Commissioners Serving Deer Lodge, Lancing, and Chestnut Ridge

Susie Kries
Susie KriesCounty Commissioner, 4th District
Mike Raiford
Mike RaifordCounty Commissioner, 4th District
Robert Byrd
Robert ByrdCounty Commissioner, 4th District

5th District Commissioners Serving Sunbright, Rugby, and Burrville

Melissa Bryant
Melissa BryantCounty Commissioner, 5th District
Mike McGrath
Mike McGrathCounty Commissioner, 5th District
Phone: (423) 319-6515
Jerry Zorsch
Jerry ZorschCounty Commissioner, 5th District
Phone: (423) 628-5471

6th District Commissioners Serving Petros, Joyner, and Mossy Grove

Eli Anderson
Eli AndersonCounty Commissioner, 6th District
Freddie Seavers
Freddie SeaversCounty Commissioner, 6th District
Phone: (865) 789-1938
Janet Adkission
Janet AdkissionCounty Commissioner, 6th District
Phone: (423) 539-8598