Angela Anderson, Clerk and Master

Chancery Court is in the Ninth Judicial District. Chancery means “equity,” and equity is defined as “that which is naturally right.”  Therefore, matters decided by the Chancellor are decided not only with the law, if a law exists, but also on maxims of right and remedy.  The Chancellor serves four counties in our district at this time, including Morgan, Loudon, Roane and Meigs.  The Clerk and Master is appointed by the Chancellor.

Some of the Operations and Duties of the Clerk & Master are as follows:

  • Custodian of court records for three courts: Chancery Court, Probate Court and Child Support Court
  • Attending court sessions and keeping the Minutes of these courts
  • Filing Lawsuits in several types of cases, including, but not limited to:
    • Divorces
    • Contract Debt
    • Land Disputes & Partition Suits
    • Worker’s Compensation
    • Conservatorships & Guardianships
    • Adoptions/Name Changes
    • Prisoner Writs of Certiorari
    • Child Support Cases
    • Paternity
  • Collection of delinquent taxes for Morgan County, Town of Oakdale, City of Sunbright & Town of Oliver Springs
  • Tax Sales & Auctioning of real and personal property, if necessary, when ordered by the Court
  • Filing of Wills and Intestate Estates and Small Estates
  • Investing Funds on behalf of minors or wards
  • Collection of filing fees, state and county litigation taxes and costs & reporting collections and cases, and making distributions to the proper entities monthly
  • Issuing summons and subpoenas for court, attachments for land and persons
  • Maintaining the docket for the Chancellor and the attorneys, setting cases for trial for motions and hearings
  • Working with the Chancellor and other Judges and the Child Support Referee, the attorneys, the bailiffs, the Sheriff’s department, the litigants, the public, the child support office and state agencies

Our office strives to be courteous and helpful to those that we come in contact with, whether their matter is a Chancery matter, or if we need to refer them elsewhere.  However, we are unable to give any legal advice. (And you would not want our legal advice anyways.) We have a wonderful staff who you will find friendly, and who try to do their jobs to the best of their abilities.

Important Info

Office Location:
415 North Kingston Street Room 104
P. O. Box 789
Wartburg, TN  37887

Contact Information:
Phone: (423) 346-3881
Fax: (423) 346-4217


Tom McFarlandChancellor
Tallesse AlleyChief Deputy Clerk
Nadine HambyDelinquent Tax Clerk
Katie VanwitzenburgDeputy Clerk