Dear Citizens and Tax Payers of Morgan County,

        I want to thank you, the citizens Morgan County, for conscientiously paying your taxes in a timely manner and thereby paying the county’s debts and providing a paycheck for many of us who work for you. Without you there would be no Morgan County government. (CLICK ON THE BUDGET BOOK BELOW TO GET TO COUNTY BUDGET)

        I know I speak for all of Morgan County’s Elected Officials and public servants when I say that it is our commitment to you, the citizens of Morgan County, to work hard for a more prosperous future for our children and grandchildren.

        We also commit to you to use your tax money in the most efficacious manner possible. It is our desire to be godly stewards of the money you entrust to our discretion. We are very proud of the fact that we were able to give the tax payers’ employees aka county employees a 4% raise with no tax rate increase.

        We are also determined to manage wisely the tax money you provide us with and to have no future tax rate increases. This can be done by building our “Fund Balance” in the budget so that any future shortfall in revenues can be made up from the Fund Balance. (CLICK ON THE BUDGET BOOK BELOW TO GET TO COUNTY BUDGET)

         Building this fund Balance also requires a great deal of discipline by the Morgan County Commissioners. They MUST resist the temptation to take money from the fund balance except in case of emergencies.  

         Much appreciation goes out to our Finance Director, Gary Howard and the Budget Committee, Lee Smith, Dennis Freels, Fred Snow, Mark Sweat, Randy Roberts, and Jerry Zorsch, for their many hours of work on this present budget. 

       Your Morgan County Government is in a sound financial state and by God’s Grace, we will continue to improve conditions so that our citizens will have an increased opportunity for success. May God’s bountiful Blessings be upon Morgan County in 2015-2016. (CLICK ON THE BUDGET BOOK BELOW TO GET TO COUNTY BUDGET)

In your service by His grace,

Don Edwards
Morgan County Executive
Commission Chairman                                          

Budget Book 2015-2016