The Morgan County Property Assessor's office maintains a large amount of public information on local properties in order to correctly classify and assess them for tax purposes. We estimate the value of each parcel of real property (with the general exception of schools, churches and charities) in the county. Real property is the combination of land and any structures on it. Every vacant lot, apartment complex, and home has a value; the assessor estimates that value based on the current real estate. The assessor's staff is constantly reviewing properties throughout the county and adding or deleting features that add to or take away value. This ensures an accurate assessment for everyone. The assessor also creates value assessments for new construction and determines whether any reassessment is in order when a property changes ownership.

The assessor compiles all of these property values into an assessment roll, which is a master list of the value of all the real property in a given county or jurisdiction. The value estimates created by assessors take a number of factors into account, in addition to market values. Some of the services we provide are listed below:

Property Maps
Application for Exemption
Greenbelt Application
General Property Information
Required Building Permits