The Morgan County Equalization Board

Appeal Instructions
  • The Morgan County Equalization Board Meets in June every year                  
  • Carefully examines, compares and equalizes the county assessments                  
  • Assures that all taxable properties are included on the assessment lists                  
  • Eliminates from the assessment lists such property as is lawfully exempt from taxation; provided, that if an application for exemption of such property is required under part 2 of this chapter, the property shall not be eliminated from the assessment lists unless such exemption is approved by an authorized designee of the state board of equalization                  
  • Hears complaints of taxpayers who feel aggrieved on account of excessive assessments of their property                  
  • Decreases the assessments of such properties as the board determines have been excessively assessed                  
  • Increases the assessments of such properties as the board determines are under assessed; provided, that owners of such properties are duly notified and given an opportunity to be heard                  
  • Corrects such errors arising from clerical mistakes or otherwise that may come or be brought to the attention of the board                  
  • Takes whatever steps are necessary to assure that the assessments of all properties within its jurisdiction conform to laws of the state and rules and regulations of the state board of equalization.