Morgan County receives electrical energy from TVA sources, provided primarily through Plateau Electric Cooperative website.Other cooperatives providing electrical energy to portions of Morgan County:
Harriman Utility Board website            
Clinton Utilities Board website            
Volunteer Energy Cooperative website            
Rockwood Electric Utility website
Residential and business gas/propane service is provided by Citizens Gas Utility District of Morgan & Scott Counties website.
Spectra Energy, also maintains an east TN natural gas pipeline through the county.
Plateau Utility District contact: 423-346-3101
Cumberland Utility District contact: 865-882-0395
Sunbright Utility District contact: 423-628-2090
Water and Waste Water
Plateau Utility maintains a "state of the art" water plant and reservoir in the Liberty area of Morgan County. Plateau has a total average daily water usage of 1 million gallons with a total production capacity of 2.4 million gallons per day. Plateau Utility along with Cumberland Utility District provides water for the Sunbright Utility District.
 The City of Sunbright and Wartburg both have public sewer systems within their incorporated city limits. The Wartburg System has a current usage of 700,000 gallons per day and total system capacity of 1.3 million gallons per day. For additional information please refer to contacts listed below.